Though drain odors could seem like more of an annoyance than a sign of a severe drain concern, in situations where chemicals, including chlorine bleach are used to fight upsetting smells repeatedly, it’s likely time to get a Garland Drain Repair professional to inspect the water lines. Using chemicals for odors coming from drains merely masks the smells briefly, in cases where the scent keeps returning. These types of short term remedies are not getting to the root cause and sometimes, may be making it worse. Continue reading for more information concerning the various kinds of drain odors a Garland homeowner could be encountering and a few likely causes.

Smells of Sewage and Drain ClogsGarland Plumbing Repair

A potential smelly drain culprit might be a clog, particularly if the odor is strong in the kitchen area or main restroom. Smelling sewage or sewer gas can be an indicator of a blockage. This could mean good news since sewer clogs often don’t signify the water pipes must be replaced. Occasionally, if there is a small clog from the house to the external sewage system, the discharge lines could back up. The blockage within the discharge line may increase until eventually the line is entirely closed off. Of course, that may lead to slower drainage, as well. To repair the lines, a Garland TX plumbing specialist could be contacted to snake the water line until all of the waste bringing about the blockage is taken out. But, the sewer discharge pipes could also be backed up as a result of a tree or bush root. When this is the situation, the pipe will almost certainly need to be replaced as well as the plant extracted.

Smells of Gas

Smelling gas through ones kitchen sink or shower drain might cause worry, understandably. A Garland Plumbing Repair specialist will help to determine precisely what may be the problem. However, this could be an issue connected with harsh chemicals. The many harsh chemical drain cleaners used to de-clog, clean up, and mask odors in drains might ultimately cause the water lines to become weak and spring a leak. The smell of gas can be a result of this kind of leak allowing in sewer gas. But, in cases where a plumbing pro has confirmed the gas isn’t sewer gas, one might simply be encountering build-up of organic waste or an aged pipe. Unfortunately, in each of those instances, it is going to be required to replace the plumbing. In case you currently have copper piping, we highly recommend replacing them for PVC pipes. Such pipes will help prevent smells, last more time, and perform better.

Whenever a property owner is encountering strong odors out of their drains, we jump into action. Such odors aren’t merely uncomfortable for the entire family, but they may also lead to or signify some serious problems in the water lines. Foul smells could indicate many different problems that, if ignored, will, undoubtedly, get worse. Do not cover up drain odors, call Plumbing Repair Garland TX today!