It is very easy to not give thought to what one places into sink drains at home, we understand at Plumbing Repair Garland TX. Most of the time, when a larger drain clog occurs it is an accident…as with a toy. Even so, we could not stress enough the need to be mindful of everything the is going into ones plumbing system. Take our advice , and make sure that the following five things never go into ones drains, or one will be needing a Garland drain cleaning company in the not too distant future.

1. Dental FlossGarland Drain Repair and Cleaning

Dental floss is excellent for ones oral hygiene, along with frequent brushing, but please be sure that dental floss does not go down a sink drain. It is not biodegradable and may affix itself to drain pipes. It will subsequently enable other things placed in the drain to stick to it and eventually result in a drain blockage.

2. Cooking Grease

Similar to the way food grease and oil hardens into a fatty clutter any time it cools, a similar thing takes place to it if it is flushed directly into a sink drain. It could become washed part way in the drain out of view, nevertheless it is rather hard for grease to wash completely through the drain pipe. Everything that becomes flushed down the drain following the grease will begin to cling to it, yet again, finally closing up the drain pipe completely. It could even bring about a broken pipe and a needed Garland drain repair. Having a garbage disposal does not make it okay to put grease into the sink either. It will lead to the same ends. The smartest thing to do with kitchen grease and oil is definitely to place them inside a separate container which is then placed into the rubbish.

3. Food Scraps

There is absolutely nothing undesirable concerning utilizing a garbage disposal provided one is aware of what may and should never go straight into it. Certain foods, like we spoken of with grease, can stick to the sides of plumbing pipes and will not break down nicely inside a garbage disposal. Pastas and rice will enlarge in plumbing pipes, adhere to and make it easy for additional objects to stick to them likewise then. Eventually an expert drain cleaning is going to be required.

4. Hair

Hair is more than likely the most frequent product to go into drains in the home. In the short term it is not going to appear like it leads to a number of problems, however in the long term it is going to clog drains. Maybe it’s shower drains or sink drains, hair from a brush or direct from ones head, all of it produces the same effects. It really is easy and simple to utilize drain screens in the shower or bath, and to be certain no hair is washed down the bathroom sink.


The principal dilemma with medicines is where they wind up, not that they will get jammed in ones drains and bring about a plumbing issue. If flushed or washed into drains they will likely finish up in the local community water system and could have an adverse impact on the drinking water or wildlife.

Virtually all homes have to have a professional drain cleaning every now and then, and Plumbing Repair Garland is here for all those occasions, however a little bit forethought should help protect against the need for this on too regular of a basis.